West Baton Rouge is 'On the River, On the Way' to fun and adventure in Southeast Louisiana. The smallest parish in the state has with big surprises in store for its visitors.

Experience our history at the award-winning West Baton Rouge Museum touting six historic Sugar Plantation structures dating from c.1830 to c.1945. See a model of a working 1904 sugar mill once housed at the World's Fair. Learn the story of sugar can from Field to Factory before you take a drive on the great scenic Mississippi RIver Road to see the majextic oaks and numerous plantation homes.

View the Navigation Crossroads of the nation at the Port Allen Lock. Built in 1961, this facility is open to the publlic at no charge. A state-of-the-art visitors center lets you be the Lock Master as you control the 90-ton door and lock ships and barges into the 64-foot sided, 160-mile shortcut transportation waterway.

Festivals, Food and Fun are on tap at our four major events of the year. Kit Fest Louisiane, the only Kite Festival in the state of Louisiana is held in April. The Oldies But Goodies Fest and Championship BBQ Contest are held in mid September. Sugar Fest in October and the Reflections of the Season Light display during the month of December.

Take the I-10 Exit #151 and visit MOBY, the 13'4", 760 lb alligator at our Tourist Information Center. We can help you find accommodations and create a plan for your great adventure in Southeast Louisiana.


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