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The West Baton Museum has opened the Art by Bourgeois: Douglas Bourgeois exhibition. Bourgeois is represented by Arthur Roger Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana. Bourgeois' work expresses popular culture in a vivid manner as evidenced in Queen Latifah's Party, which will be among the many pieces on display.

A Gonzales native, Douglas Bourgeois earned his B.F.A. from Louisiana State University and is an extremely decorated artist. With over a dozen solo exhibitions spanning across every decade since 1970, Bourgeois is well respected inside, as well as outside, of the art community.

This exhibit closes on September 4th

"The small scale figurative oil paintings of Douglas Bourgeois are enigmatic situations featuring one or two people in heightened landscapes or interiors. Some of the paintings are fictional portraits of unknown subjects looking at the viewer. Others are biographical fantasies, tributes to obscure recording artists. Inspirations are Deep Soul and Gospel music, primitive rock and roll, vernacular religious imagery, and discarded paper ephemera. The overwhelming natural landscape of South Louisiana, a beautiful vanishing Eden, is a primary influence. A connecting thread in the paintings and collages is the juxtapostion of the degraded and the sacred, light and darkness, the mundane and the transcendent." -Arthur Roger Gallery

For more information about the programs and activities associated with the exhibition call (225)-336-2422 x 200 or visit www.westbatonrougemuseum.com



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