Monday, April 8th - Friday, April 12th, 2024

10:00am - 3:00pm

Port Allen- Join Louisiana tradition bearer Geraldine Robertson in a weeklong series at the West Baton Rouge Museum for an immersive workshop on the art of making split white oak baskets from taking a nature walk led by naturalist from the Louisiana State Arboretum to identify trees, then preparing materials harvested from split oak and constructing baskets from start to finish. Funded with support from the Louisiana Folklore Society, the Natural Endowment for the Arts, the Louisiana Division of the Arts and the department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism, this series is being presented with the objective of passing on the knowledge and tradition of this craft which is one of the most endangered traditions. 

Geraldine Robertson, a native of Washington, Louisiana, is an award-winning folk artist. Not only has she demonstrated the art of split white oak basket making across the state of Louisiana at various cultural and historical sites and events, she was also invited to demonstrate her craft at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. and in Europe. In a recent interview with the artist, Geraldine shared her enthusiasm for this upcoming workshop and stated, "I just want to teach, and I want the tradition to carry on!" As the sole remaining split white oak basket weaver in the state of Louisiana, she is eager to educate participants every inch of the way from locating, throwing (taking down), and busting (splitting) the tree in the woods to gathering weaving strips and posts and ultimately fashioning handmade baskets from the collected materials in a workshop space at the museum. She said that it's hard work and it takes strength but she loves it, and anyone who puts their mind to it can do it. 

This program is being offered free of charge. However, space is limited, and advanced registration is required by calling 225-336-2422


West Baton Rouge Museum
845 N. Jefferson Avenue
70767 Port Allen , LA