Back Brusly Oak - West Baton Rouge Louisiana
Back Brusly Oak - West Baton Rouge Louisiana

Long described as the community "bulletin board", the Back Brusly Oak is perhaps the most well known landmark in West Baton Rouge. The cherished oak is believed to be more than 400 years old. A majestic live oak with moss-laden branches and massive roots rising above the ground, the tree has become the town's symbol. Some 25 feet in circumference, it was the first West Baton Rouge member registered with the Louisiana Live Oak Society. It has long been a meeting place for residents, and the once old practice of posting community news on the tree has been relegated to a nearby bulletin board. North LaBauve Avenue, west of LA Hwy. 1


Back Brusly Oak
West Main at North LaBauve Avenue West of LA Hwy. 1
70719 Brusly , LA